Baleani: The Excellence of Tradition

Italian fashion was born in 1575 thanks to the Pope Gregorio XII establishing the University of Tailors, a real revolution silenced only by a nineteenth-century crisis and then by the second world conflict.

But the Italians, at that time, had learned for centuries the art of spinning imagination. So they sewed relationships with the French by weaving ideas on feminine charm. They did strike up conversation with the English to dress the habits of a real gentleman. Gradually, the high fashion was reborn after the War, discovering its most original aspect in the peninsula of poets and inventors.

Blossomed in 1947 thanks to master tailor Amilcare Minnucci, the Italian style has been revived from the taste of those who has managed to combine an ancient craft tradition with the modern industry, like the Baleani family.

The Baleani boutique has carefully guarded, over time, the values of the manufacture of the outerwear made in Italy: originality, quality and comfort.

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