Style, quality and very deep care of details… the excellent expression of Italian fashion.

“The life is tradition, innovation and jump”

Elliot Erwitt

Even a suit could improve the quality of your life, the most elegant garment for a man; obviously, it’s the good cut, color and fabric and that has to be suitable for the season and for the specific occasion of the day. Man who loves “made on measure” chooses Baleani’s tailoring designs, as they have tradition regards style and quality.

On the other hand, wearing the base line man suit (half-canvas Baleani) means uniqueness, it’s an excellent element of eclecticism, according to the different occasion of the day. Our modern sports jackets are available with lots of varieties, both for colors and patterns. A Baleani’s sports jacket is able to give you the pleasure to wear it: an impeccable and comfortable line, which could be compared with the elegance of a formal classic suit.


What is fashion?

Fashion is an image – a drawing – a description – an expression of thinking and it is a business. There are infinite ways to answer this question.

According to me fashion is the art of individualism hidden in each one in us and it is continuously in search of harmony. Fashion is also an invention of useless things created by man since ancient times we don’t know why but they are necessary in our life.

Fashion is way of colours or a black and white photo, it is a myriad of recipes-keys with which the human being is able to express himself and be touched. Fashion belongs to creative people, it is a realiable form of art because of the beauty makes you feel well.

Fashion is art of transition but it should have precise rules, one of these it’s the fate – chance-coincidence. Fashion manages the improvisation, the illumination, a new day and a new night.
The harmony of life and key which open the door… is called “ Jazz”.

Style and Fabric Consultant