Visit us in our showroom in Filottrano, Via Cantalupo, 6

The activity started at the end of 1970 with Mr. Sergio Baleani. He began practicing  as a handicrafts company inside an old building in the historical center of Filottrano. Mr. Baleani has always been devoted to the customer relationships, thanks to his great experience acquired working with a big company in its commercial area. At the beginning he was used to have some local unskilled workers  (1 tailor, 1 cutter, 4 seamstresses, 2 ironers).

Eventually, Mr Baleani developed ideas taking care of the details personally with indescribable love in all the small details. The factory has been rooted for 40 years to the tailoring tradition from the Marche. This is the history of special people who have dedicated their life to this job, with passion and reliability, as others in this area, but only a few have been able to safeguard and protect the originality and the care of their products.

Today, his sons Marino, Giorgio, Alberto and Liana are carrying out the activity, gradually entering  this world, each one with his specific position inside the factory.